Environment protection strategy

EXTREN Co. Ltd. has been organized on the environment protection based management system from March 15, 2003 according to the prescription of the international standards of ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 14001:2005. Our aims are to protect the environment, to improve the quality of our work and to reach a higher level of efficiency and productivity of our activity. We are obliged for a continuous improvement of our environment protection and we state of our intention for:

  • to follow the standards prescriptions, the requirements of the provisions of law and the prescriptions of the authorities for the environment protection
  • to improve the efficiency of our energy consumption
  • to reduce the attacks against the environment
  • to keep the precautionary measures to prevent environmental accidents.
  • to use up dated technology in order to help the environmental protection
  • to decrease the application of raw material with updated result of the research and design activity
  • to recreate waste material to protect the environment
  • to take part on trainings to develop the motivation of our employees for the environment protection
  • to request our business partners to accept our environment protection strategy and cooperate in the activity of the environment protection.