Pump type: KCK 1400 - Albania
Q = 5800 liter/sec
H = 5,0 m

Assembling of mobile pump type: KÖRÖS 300
Q = 150 - 350 liter/sec
H = 6 - 13 m

Working mobile pump type: KÖRÖS 300

Halq El Gamal project, Egypt
Taking over of gearboxes of SKODA

Halq El Gamal project Inclined pump type: CFW 1500
Q = 5000 liter/sec
H = 4,0 m

TVK industrial water supply
Pump station ~ 3400 m3/hour of capacity

TIFO pump station ~ 1800 m3/hour of capacity

Pump type: DBO 500 - Kelenföld Power Station
Q = 2770 m3/hour
H = 11 m

Pump type: DBO 500 - workshop test with SEVER electric motor

Power unit of Hitachi hydraulic flap valve

Operational test of Hitachi hydraulic flap valve

The inspectors of Hitachi hydraulic flap valve

Changing 5 pieces of huge pumps in Albania
Q = 5 m3/sec
H = 4 m

Pumps for Balldre Shllinza pumping stations in Albania
Type: KKWe 1400/GANZ
Q = 5 m3/sec
H = 4,05 m

Management of Drainage Board - taking over the pumps

Workshop test of Albanian pumps in Ganz Machinery Works

Shllinza pump taken to pieces before installation

Special flap valves for El Hares pumping station in Egypt
Nominal size: 3150mm x 3000mm

Flap valves for Kirloskar in Egyypt
NA 500

Assembling of Monofia pumping station in Egypt
Type: CFW 1800 , 5 pcs
Q = 7 m3/sec
H = 4,24 m

Assembling of Sigma feed water pump in Rubbish Burning Plant

Taking over of autotransformers in Mocotech workshop

Measuring test of Pumps for Ritz Co. in Ganz
Q = 594m3/h
H = 21 m

Handing over test of electric motors for Egypt at Dutchi
P = 450 kW

Motor baseframe to India

EVIG measuring test of electric motors for Egypt
P = 300-1000 kW