members are legally independent companies and they have wide experience in the fields of

  • production of different machineries and welded steel structures,
  • engineering and contracting of different hydraulic projects,
  • international trading of different machineries.

The members of the EXTREN GROUP have more than 500 employees and a yearly turnover of more than 10 million EUR.

Taylor-made engineering and manufacture, quality, reliability and favourable prices - these are the characteristics of the EXTREN GROUP.


The members of the EXTREN GROUP are dealing with the engineering and contracting of different hydraulic projects inside Hungary and on the international market.

This activity is based on experienced engineers and field staff and on reliable products.

They are ready for design, delivery, erection and putting into operation, moreover reconstruction and rehabilitation of the different projects in the following fields:

  • electromechanical equipment for the BOP of power stations.
  • complete pumping stations for industrial water supply, irrigation, drainage and cooling water system
  • special hydraulic steel structures
  • navigation, regulation and locking equipment


One of the important features of the EXTREN Group is the trading house activity.

Being familiar with the international market and with the different manufacturers of pumps, electric motors, steel structures they can always find the best solution for the different requirements.

Importing foreign products to Hungary, exporting Hungarian goods to abroad or just selling other European products to a third country --- these are the activities one can rely on the professional handling of the EXTREN GROUP.


The most important manufacturing background of the EXTREN GROUP is the ASG Machine Factory. ASG has an experience of more than four decades in producing of machinary structures, machine parts and electrical equipment.

The company is situated on an area of 60.000 m2 and dealing with the manufacturing of light and medium weight welded machinery structures in small and medium series.

ASG is well equipped with all the necessary CNC machines, experienced working force and having all the needed ISO and welding qualification.